“Fuckarounditis” 😂 that’s just brilliant.

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On the travel curated recommendation do you think there would be a high willingness to pay? Is something like ‘buy me a coffee’ tipping a better play? Also wondering if a marketplace specific to word-of-mouth recommendations that are in a specific niche, eg travel could work where they are ‘paid’ to make them more genuine and less reliant on sponsors / affiliates that can muddle incentives....

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We need more custom "Fuckarounditis" list for software dev (e.g. IDE wars, "tutorial hell", not practicing Git, spaghetti code) and personal finance (e.g. toying options, day trading, not having a "lazy" portfolio, not having an emergency fund).

A fun thing to test is that "Fuckarounditis" and "ego X" (egolifting as the "hustle porn" of the gym) are two sides of the same midwit/clueless coin, and that lack of some self-practice or "tacit" knowledge is to blame.

For gymbros, fear of injury + not pushing to failure vs clueless to injury + egolifting. The core of it is the knowledge of sensible form (not "perfect form" for perfectionists). For finance bros, aversion to losses vs greed/gambling. The core of it is risk management. For programming, project stage fright vs tyranny of tutorials. The core of it is the mindset.

Side note: too many links from other comments to reference. https://etiennefd.substack.com/p/becoming-ambitious/comment/6878909 https://goddisk.substack.com/p/the-basilisk-memetic-hazards-and/comment/9996472

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